March 26, 2019

WebbMason Analytics achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner accreditation

WebbMason Analytics is proud to announce that it is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner.

AWS awards the Advanced Consulting Partner accreditation to companies that have demonstrated the ability to design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.

The value of AWS for data analytics

As one of the world’s large cloud infrastructure providers, AWS has a central role to play in the technology stack of data-driven organizations.

We’ve been implementing AWS as the foundational technology for analytics platforms since 2010.

Our team has built AWS-anchored platforms in retail, health care, transportation and other business areas to help transition legacy enterprises from traditional business practices to making decisions from insights based on hard data and advanced analytics.


What is an analytics platform?

An analytics platform is an end-to-end suite of tools and infrastructure that support the development and implementation of analytics throughout an enterprise. The platform enables collection, storage, processing, analysis and visualization of data from a variety of sources for a wide range of uses.


Accelerating the transition to data-driven practices with AWS

For legacy enterprises, the transition to becoming a data-driven organization often involves a significant technical and cultural shift that is best approached as a series of steps.

AWS is flexible and scalable, enabling our clients to take an agile, iterative approach to development, adoption and change management. We can start small, prove the value of data-driven insights and incrementally scale up to tackle new and larger uses and business problems.

As the analytics platform grows, the ability to use elastic and serverless technologies, such as Athena, Lambda, EMR and Kinesis, often translates into cost savings when compared to traditional solutions.

Keeping WebbMason Analytics at the leading edge of AWS technology

Because of the strategic importance of data analytics for growth, and even survival in the face of new competition, we do everything possible to bring our clients the expertise and guidance they need to accelerate their implementation and adoption.

To this end, we have a comprehensive training and development schedule for all our technical experts to ensure everyone is up to date with these dynamic and evolving technologies.

Whether they are data engineers, scientists, analytics consultants or platform architects, everyone is trained on AWS. Many of our team members go on to take advanced certifications such as:

  • AWS Solution Architect Professional
  • AWS DevOps Engineer Professional
  • Big Data Specialty

In addition to growing our employees, we have a philosophy of continuous improvement as a business so that we can offer the best in consulting and implementation to our clients. We continue to work toward other important AWS certifications, such as the Well-Architected Framework Program, which we anticipate earning in Spring 2019.