Driving Transformation from Strategy to Activation

At WebbMason Analytics, we specialize in evolving Fortune 2000 organizations from traditional business intelligence to advanced analytics.

Brooke Jones

Partner, Founder


Direct: 410-952-7917


Brooke Jones has the know-how to scrutinize business problems and guide clients as they consider the technical and cultural facets of implementing advanced analytics.

As president, her mission is to help traditional organizations make the sometimes painful transition from a traditional business intelligence model, to adoption of the advanced analytics capabilities they need to survive in a predictive-data driven business environment.

She is focused not just on the details but also on how a solution will manifest across an organization. Brooke considers everything from the technology to business processes to the professional development of the analytics team.

In 2008, Brooke founded Spry, Inc. Initially, the company provided advanced analytics and big data management services to the chief management office at the Pentagon, but it was not long before it expanded its offering to commercial enterprises in the pharmaceutical, logistics and transportation industries. WebbMason bought Spry, Inc. in 2015.

Brooke graduated Princeton University in 2001 with a Bachelor in Computer Science. She has worked at start-up and large software organizations such as BEA Systems (now Oracle) and MetaMatrix (now Red Hat). For more than 15 years, Brooke has been working on innovative solutions to help public and private sector organizations evolve to meet changing business needs in spite of their distributed data challenges.

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Todd Jones

Managing Partner


Direct: 412-334-3545


As Managing Partner, Todd Jones is responsible for new account development, sales and marketing, development of new service offerings, and business operations to ensure scalability.

His overarching objective is to help clients use advanced analytics to generate the insights they need to make informed decisions. Better decisions mean superior outcomes and genuine business acceleration.

Todd strives to understand a client’s goals and all aspects of their operating landscape. Leading the WebbMason Analytics consulting team, he identifies the areas of the business that can be improved by analytics.

In that respect, he provides stakeholders with expert guidance, helping them avoid known pitfalls and gain visibility as they incorporate analytics into their business area and advance the organization’s capabilities.

Todd joined Spry Inc., in 2009 and was promoted to partner in 2011. In 2015, he and the other company partners took Spry through an acquisition when they were acquired by WebbMason.

Todd received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University in 2009.

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Manish Shrestha

Vice President of Engineering


Direct: 440-991-6443


Manish Shrestha uses a toolbox that includes big data technology, real-time computing and cloud infrastructure to design the technical solutions behind the company’s analytics projects. For some clients, that means building a new platform specifically designed for advanced analytics while, for others, Manish optimizes existing infrastructure.

Prior to working at WebbMason Analytics, Manish was the head of Tech & Design Services at Havas Media Group, Singapore, one of the world’s largest advertising and communications groups.

In that role, he delivered cloud technologies and big data solutions designed to monitor the performance of advertising and media assets. His high-profile projects included development of a TV viewer voting platform for Asia’s Got Talent using real-time computing to analyze massive dynamic data collection.

From 2007 to 2013, Manish worked at AJ-Comm Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, where he was the company’s lead software engineer and IT manager.

Manish earned his Bachelor of Engineering in 2006 from Kathmandu University in Nepal and a Masters of Computing from the National University of Singapore in 2013.

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Michael Lang

Chief Delivery Officer


Direct: 443-928-3782


As Chief Delivery Officer at WebbMason Analytics, Michael Lang is responsible for all aspects of project delivery including solution architecture, infrastructure implementation, data engineering, data science and analytics reporting.

His team comprises data and system engineers as well as data architects and scientists. They work with dedicated project managers using an agile, data-driven method to keep everything from timelines to budget on track.

At the start of every project, Michael helps clients define project requirements and develop a concrete scope needed for the development phase. Michael regularly provides thoughtful advice to help clients make tough decisions to keep projects moving in spite of the rapidly evolving analytics technology space.

When clients have complicated problems, Michael has an innate ability to introduce simple solutions. They count on him for clear and accurate communications. He always wants to do what is in the customer’s best interest and works tenaciously to do so even when traditional processes and red-tape are working against him.

Before joining WebbMason Analytics, Michael was the Loom product manager at Teradata where he was responsible for product release management, sales engineering and customer support.  

As the vice president of sales engineering at Revelytix, Inc. (acquired by Teradata in 2014), his responsibilities ranged from sales engineering and product management to quality assurance, and he worked closely with the company’s largest client, the Department of Defense, on data integration, modeling and architecture.

Michael obtained his Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2007.

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